St. Mariam Thresia – June 08

Mariam Thresia was born in 1876, to a reputable family in Puthenchira, Kerala. Mariam Thresia was born as the third child of Thoma Chiramel Mankidiyan and Thanda from the Mangali family of Thuravoor, on Wednesday 26, April 1876. She was given the name Thresia after St. Teresa of Avila. Since her mother had a deepContinue reading “St. Mariam Thresia – June 08”

The Holy Trinity

Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost in the Western Christian liturgical calendar, however, in Eastern Christianity there is no specific day set aside to celebrate the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. The Eastern Churches point out that they celebrate the Trinity every Sunday. Westerners do as well, we just set aside a specialContinue reading “The Holy Trinity”

Comic Strip : Tintin : Book 1

The Adventures Of Tintin, Reporter For Le Petit Vingtiéme, In The Land Of The Soviets is a comic book by Hergé. It is the very first book of The Adventures of Tintin, The book version was released in 1930 after the original serialized version ended. It tells the story of a young Belgian reporter namedContinue reading “Comic Strip : Tintin : Book 1”

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