Asterix and the Cauldron – Book 13

Asterix and the Cauldron – Book 13 Asterix and the Cauldron is the thirteenth volume of the Asterix comic book series, by René Goscinny (stories) and Albert Uderzo (illustrations). It was first serialized in the magazine Pilote, issues 469–491, in 1968, and translated into English in 1976. The story introduces Chief Whosemoralsarelastix, the chief ofContinue reading “Asterix and the Cauldron – Book 13”

St Henry – July 13

St Henry – July 13 As German king and Holy Roman Emperor, Henry was a practical man of affairs. He was energetic in consolidating his rule. He crushed rebellions and feuds. On all sides he had to deal with drawn-out disputes so as to protect his frontiers. This involved him in a number of battles,Continue reading “St Henry – July 13”

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