Saint Ignatius of Loyola – July 31

Saint Ignatius of Loyola – July 31 The founder of the Jesuits was on his way to military fame and fortune when a cannon ball shattered his leg. Because there were no books of romance on hand during his convalescence, Ignatius whiled away the time reading a life of Christ and lives of the saints.Continue reading “Saint Ignatius of Loyola – July 31”

Dog Breed – Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog, is classified as a working dog by the American Kennel Club. Portuguese Water Dogs are originally from the Portuguese region of the Algarve, from where the breed expanded to all around Portugal’s coast, where they were taught to herd fish into fishermen’s nets, retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and actContinue reading “Dog Breed – Portuguese Water Dog”

St Peter Chrysologus – July 30

St Peter Chrysologus – July 30 On July 30, the Catholic Church celebrates Saint Peter Chrysologus, a fifth-century Italian bishop known for testifying courageously to Christ’s full humanity and divinity during a period of doctrinal confusion in the Church. The saint’s title, Chrysologus, signifies “golden speech” in Greek. Named as a Doctor of the ChurchContinue reading “St Peter Chrysologus – July 30”

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