Benedictine nuns in Missouri honor Christ the King with new album

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, have decided to record an album for Christ the King, in thanksgiving for His protection and governance.

We were talking about a CD dedicated to Christ the King last year, realizing it was a feast we had not yet covered in our recording history. It seems a tumultuous time on so many levels, we thought that focus on Christ as our true leader and Prince of Peace was apt for these days.

“We see in it a symbol of the spiritual protection Christ our King is always giving us, and it was appropriate to hail Him as the ‘inexpugnable wall’ in the ancient chant of Christ the King, the Laudes Regiae, sung at Charlemagne’s coronation over 1220 years ago.”

The album includes 20 songs, from well-known works such as “the traditional and melodic Christus Vincit, as well as To Jesus Christ our Sovereign King,” to pieces which have significance to the abbey, such as Catherine Maguire’s King of Kings, which Mother Cecilia noted “was sung at the high school graduation of a priest friend of the community.”

“We could not leave off The King of Love My Shepherd Is, nor Palestrina’s Jesu Rex Admirabilis, familiar to many through its inclusion in The Sound of Music,” the abbess said.

Also included is St. Robert Southwell’s The Bonnie Prince. The Jesuit priest and poet’s work is set to the music of Auld Lang Syne.

Christ the King at Ephesus is the first album that the nuns have recorded in their new abbey church, which they have now been using for three years.

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