Saint Charles was born John Charles Marchioni in Sezze, Italy on October 19, 1613.  His family was extremely pious. They lived in a rural area and as a child Saint Charles worked as a shepherd.  Due to his lack of education, it is said he learned only the basics and could barely read and write.Continue reading “FEAST DAY – ST CHARLES SEZZE”


The son of two saints, Basil and Emmilia, young Gregory was raised by his older brother, St. Basil the Great, and his sister, Macrina, in modern-day Turkey. Gregory’s success in his studies suggested great things were ahead for him. After becoming a professor of rhetoric, he was persuaded to devote his learning and efforts toContinue reading “SAINT OF THE DAY – SAINT GREGORY of NYSSA”

Saint of the Day

Saint Laurence O’ Toole Born 1128, Lorcán Ua Tuathail, also known as Saint Laurence O’Toole, was Archbishop of Dublin at the time of the Norman invasion of Ireland. He played a prominent role in the Irish Church Reform Movement of the 12th century. He was canonised in 1225 by Pope Honorius III. When he wasContinue reading “Saint of the Day”

Saint of the Day

On November 13, the universal Church honors St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, an Italian missionary who spent much of her life working with Italian immigrants in the United States. Mother Cabrini, who had a deathly fear of water and drowning, crossed the Atlantic Ocean more than 30 times in service of the Church and the peopleContinue reading “Saint of the Day”

Saint of the Day

Saint Willibrod  ​ Known as “Apostle to the Frisians” Willibrod was born in Netherlands in 658. He studied under Saint Egbert. Willibrod travelled to Rome twice which has historical significance. Unlike others “he made haste to Rome” to preach to the gentiles with the blessings of Pope Sergius. He returned to Frisia to preach andContinue reading “Saint of the Day”

Saint of the Day

St Leonard of Noblac  ​ St Leonard of Noblac was a Frank courtier, and during a certain invasion which they were losing, the Queen suggested to Leonard that he invoke the help of God. He did, and the tide of battle turned, naming Clovis victorious. Saint Remigius, bishop of Rheims then used this miracle toContinue reading “Saint of the Day”

Saint of the Day

No age of the Catholic Church’s history is without its share of confusion and corruption. Still, even in moments when disorder may seem overwhelming, individuals and movements eventually arise to propose the faith with clarity and demonstrate it in action. St. Charles Borromeo, a central figure in the Council of Trent, is remembered on NovemberContinue reading “Saint of the Day”

Saint of the Day

ST. HUBERT Feast: November 3 Confessor, thirty-first Bishop of Maastricht, first Bishop of Liège, and Apostle of the Ardennes, born about 656; died at Fura (the modern Tervueren), Brabant, 30 May, 727 or 728. He was honored in the Middle Ages as the patron of huntsmen, and the healer of hydrophobia (rabies). He was theContinue reading “Saint of the Day”

Feast Day

Feast Day – All Saints – November 01 The Solemnity of All Saints is celebrated on the first of November. It was instituted to honour all of the saints, both known and unknown, and, according to Pope Urban IV, to supply any deficiencies in the faithful’s celebration of saints’ feasts during the year. In the early days ofContinue reading “Feast Day”

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