Asterix and the Falling Sky – Book 33

Asterix and the Falling Sky – Book 33

Asterix and the Falling Sky (French: Le ciel lui tombe sur la tête, “The Sky Falls On His Head”) is the thirty-third volume of the Asterix comic book series, the ninth solely written and illustrated by Albert Uderzo and the only volume to introduce science fiction elements into the otherwise historical comedy series. The book was intended as a tribute to Walt Disney and a satire on the state of the French comics industry. It was released on October 14, 2005 to commercial success, but was panned by the critics. This was the final volume produced by Uderzo before handing over the series to a new creative team.

An alien spaceship appears above the Gaulish village, causing nearly all of the people and animals to turn rigid. Only Asterix, Obelix, Getafix and Dogmatix are unaffected due to consumption of the magic potion. An alien named Toon emerges from the spherical spaceship. He is from the planet Tadsilweny and is accompanied by “superclone” security men.[5] Toon turns off his ship’s “anti-collision magnetic field”, ending the paralysis of the village. He informs the Gauls he is on a mission to confiscate their “secret weapon” (Getafix’s potion) that is “known throughout the universe”, in order to prevent it from being seized by evil aliens called Nagmas.

Meanwhile, a Nagma has landed his spaceship in the nearby Roman camp of Compendium and seeks the “powerful deadly weapon”. The Roman centurion Polyanthus gives him directions to the Gaulish village. Toon’s army of superclones and the Nagma’s “cyberat” robot warriors engage in battle. Asterix and Obelix enter the fray, and the Nagma attempts to abduct Getafix. The Nagma is eventually defeated, and Toon abandons his quest for the magic potion as its only discernible effect on the aliens is to cause them to temporarily increase to an enormous size. As he departs, Toon erases all memory of his visit from the village and the Roman camp.