Visit Ethiopia

Top Places to see in Ethiopia

Not many countries manage to impress their visitors in a way that Ethiopia does. The country’s breath taking natural beauty, diverse culture, soulful people, delicious cuisine, and endemic wildlife are perfect for the traveller looking for different experiences.

1) Simien Mountain National Park

The jagged peaks and deep gorges of this mist-shrouded national park are home to Ethiopia’s most striking wildlife: gelada baboons, Walia ibex and lammergeyer vultures. Millions of years of erosion have created a jaw-dropping landscape, recognised by UNESCO. Surreal Afro-Alpine vegetation clings to the steep slopes, over 3,600m high.


2) Lalibela

These 11 rock-hewn churches – up to 13m high – were created in the 13th century, and are the closest thing Ethiopia has to a ‘big’ tourist attraction. They were freed entirely from the rock with just hammers and chisels, complete with elaborate windows, columns and roofs. Lalibela remains very much a living cultural site; 1,000 of its 10,000 residents are priests, and the churches are the focal points for ceremonies, vigils and processions.