Saint of the Day – September 17

On Sept. 17, the Catholic Church celebrates the Italian cardinal and theologian St. Robert Bellarmine. One of the great saints of the Jesuit order, St. Robert has also been declared a Doctor of the Church and the patron of catechists. Robert Bellarmine was born on October 4, 1542 in the Tuscan town of Montepulciano. HisContinue reading “Saint of the Day – September 17”

Saint of the Day – September 10

Today, the Catholic Church remembers Saint Thomas of Villanova, a 16th century Spanish Augustinian monk and archbishop who lived a life of austerity in order to provide for the spiritual and material needs of his people. Born during 1488 in the Spanish region of Castile, in the town of Villanova de los Infantes, Thomas GarciaContinue reading “Saint of the Day – September 10”

Saint of the Day – September 09

St Peter Claver On Sept. 9, the Catholic Church celebrates St. Peter Claver, a Jesuit missionary who spent his life in the service of African slaves brought against their will to South America during the 17th century. Peter Claver was born into a farming family in the Spanish region of Catalonia during 1581. He studiedContinue reading “Saint of the Day – September 09”

Saint of the Day – September 06

Blessed Claudio Granzotto Born in Santa Lucia del Piave near Venice, Claudio was the youngest of nine children and was accustomed to hard work in the fields. At the age of 9, he lost his father. Six years later, he was drafted into the Italian army, where he served more than three years. His artisticContinue reading “Saint of the Day – September 06”

Saint of the Day – September 5

Mother Teresa The Church celebrates on September 5, the feast of Mother Teresa, a universal symbol of God’s merciful and preferential love for the poor and forgotten. Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia, the youngest of three children. She attended a youth group called Sodality, run byContinue reading “Saint of the Day – September 5”

Saint of the Day – August 28

Saint Augustine of Hippo – August 28 A Christian at 33, a priest at 36, a bishop at 41: Many people are familiar with the biographical sketch of Augustine of Hippo, sinner turned saint. But really to get to know the man is a rewarding experience. There quickly surfaces the intensity with which he livedContinue reading “Saint of the Day – August 28”

Saint of the Day – 27 August

A Saint Monica – August 27 The circumstances of Saint Monica’s life could have made her a nagging wife, a bitter daughter-in-law, and a despairing parent, yet she did not give way to any of these temptations. Although she was a Christian, her parents gave her in marriage to a pagan, Patricius, who lived inContinue reading “Saint of the Day – 27 August”

SAINT OF THE DAY – August 23

SAINT OF THE DAY – August 23 Saint Rose of Lima The first canonized saint of the New World has one characteristic of all saints—the suffering of opposition—and another characteristic which is more for admiration than for imitation—excessive practice of mortification. She was born to parents of Spanish descent in Lima, Peru, at a timeContinue reading “SAINT OF THE DAY – August 23”

Saint of the Day – 21 August

Saint Pius X – August 21 Pope Pius X is perhaps best remembered for his encouragement of the frequent reception of Holy Communion, especially by children. The second of 10 children in a poor Italian family, Joseph Sarto became Pope Pius X at age 68. He was one of the 20th century’s greatest popes. EverContinue reading “Saint of the Day – 21 August”

Saint of the Day – August 20

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux – August 20 Man of the century! Woman of the century! You see such terms applied to so many today—“golfer of the century,” “composer of the century,” “right tackle of the century”—that the line no longer has any punch. But Western Europe’s “man of the twelfth century,” without doubt or controversy, hadContinue reading “Saint of the Day – August 20”

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