Bone – BOOK 1 – Out From Boneville

Jeff Smith, born on February 27, 1960, is an American cartoonist. He is best known as the creator of the self-published comic book series Bone.

Jeff Smith was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania to William Earl Smith and Barbara Goodsell. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

Bone is an independently published American comic book series, written and illustrated by Jeff Smith, originally serialized in 55 irregularly released issues from 1991 to 2004.

Smith’s black-and-white drawings, inspired by animated cartoons and comic strips, are singularly characterized by a mixture of both light-hearted comedy and dark fantasy thriller. The author, Jeff Smith, describes the comics as “a fish-out-of-water story. There are three modern characters who happen to be cartoons in the mold of Donald Duck or Bugs Bunny, and get lost in a fairy-tale valley. They spend a year there and make friends and enemies, finding themselves caught up in the trials and tribulations of the valley, and even a war.

The series was published bimonthly with some delays from June 1991 to June 2004. The series was self-published by Smith’s Cartoon Books for issues No. 1 to No. 19, by Image Comics from issues No. 20 to No. 28, and back to Cartoon Books for issues No. 29 to No. 55.

Out From Boneville is the first story-arc in the Bone series. It collects the first six issues of Jeff Smith’s self-published Bone comics. It marks the beginning of part one (of three) of the Bone series, titled Vernal Equinox. The book was first published by Cartoon Books in its original black-and-white version in 1995; excerpts were printed in Disney Adventures over the course of 1994–1998. Paperback and hardback colored editions were published in 2005 by Scholastic.

The first volume follows the three Bone cousins as they meet the inhabitants of a mysterious valley and seek their help in finding the way back to their home in Boneville.

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