Catholic saints canonized on May 15, 2022

St Luigi Maria Palazzolo

Luigi Maria Palazzolo was born in Bergamo in the north of Italy on December 10, 1827. Although his family was well off, Luigi’s early life was not without its hardships. The youngest of several boys (sources disagree on whether they were 8 or 9 in total), he was the only one to live to adulthood, and at the age of ten, he was left without a father.

Always sensitive to the needs of the poor, after his ordination in 1850, Luigi’s life became one entirely dedicated to them – especially to abandoned children. His heart was moved by the plight of the poor boys he encountered in the streets of Bergamo. Taking over the running of a men’s oratory in one of the poorest parts of town, he placed himself amongst them, seeing to their care and education.

Saint Luigi Palazzolo was an ordinary man, an ordinary priest, whose holiness lay in his extraordinary openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit, responding unhesitatingly to needs as he encountered them, devoting his whole life to those who had been cast aside by others and for whom there was no other help.

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